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Facilitation Experience Log

Page history last edited by Sylvia Currie 3 years, 10 months ago

It's easy to lose track of the details of what we do from day to day, and year to year. I decided to create a separate page to capture the various workshops, seminars, conferences, conference sessions, and courses I have helped to facilitate, coordinate, host, or otherwise had some kind of role to make it happen. Here goes!


2016 June    Sylvia Riessner, Leonne Beebe, Beth Cougler Blom   
2012 21 November Orientation to Open Textbooks Una Daly, Terrie McAloney Webinar
2012 6 November CP2 Quarterly Field Trip - SCoPE John Smith Webinar
2011   CP2 Quarterly Field Trip - KM4DEV John Smith Webinar
2010 18 August CP2 Quarterly Field Trip - Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Jonny Morris, John Smith Webinar
2010 June CP2 Quarterly Field Trip - Global Talent Network  Lauren Klein, John Smith Webinar
2010 6 May  Gathering of Community Enthusiasts Nancy White, Alice MacGillivray F2F (full day)
    CP2 Quarterly Field Trip - Wikisourcing Sustainability Enterprises Jenny Ambrozek, John Smith Webinar
2010 5 January  Authentic Learning and Assessment Doug Hamilton, Sandra Rogers, Randy LaBonte Webinar
2009 8 December Course Design Principles for Engagement Sheila Whitmore, Randy LaBonte Webinar
2009 3 November The Art of Teaching Neil Smith, Nancy Randall, Andrew Marchand, Randy LaBonte Webinar
2009 6 October Aftermath of the Canadian Copyright Consultation Maureen Baron, Randy LaBonte Webinar 
2009 8 September Engaging Students Through Technology: Getting the most from your web conferencing and LMS platforms to liven lessons

Randy LaBonte, Frances Long, Karen Harker


2007 7 May-6 July Online Facilitation Workshop Nancy White + mentor team Asynchronous 
2006   Panda Walks Into a Bar   Asynchronous Seminar
2005   WebCT & Blackboard Merger: Implications and Moving Forward   Asynchronous Seminar
2005   The Dance of the Instructional Designer   Asynchronous Seminar
2005    Pedagogy in cyberspace: The dynamics of online discussion   Asynchronous Seminar
2005    Enhancing Online Communication  Cindy Xin  Asynchronous Seminar
2005   SCoPE Next Steps   Asynchronous Seminar
    EduSourceCanada Griff Richards Asynchronous Seminar
    What BUGS you about online education? Vivian Neal Asynchronous Seminar
    Celebrating GEN 3rd Anniversary Potluck Linda Harasim Asynchronous Seminar
    Developing Online Programs: The UWI Experience   Asynchronous Seminar
    Enabling Cultural Change in an Elearning Environment   Asynchronous Seminar
2002 27 May-30 September Virtually There: Tapping, Tinkering and Teaching Online Curtis Bonk, Linda Harasim, Sherry Hsi, Linda Polin, Margaret Riel, Sarah Haavind, Stone Wiske Asynchronous Seminar
    ePortfolio Workspaces Jim Vanides Asynchronous Seminar
2002 6 - 21 August PD Opportunities for Online Teaching Elaine Garofoli, Jim Woodell Asynchronous Seminar
2002 14 January-17 February Sex, GENder, and Online Education Cher Hill Asynchronous Seminar
2002 4 - 17 February Residency in the New Age of Online Learning Alan Davis, Kathleen Matheos Asynchronous Seminar
2002 16 September-13 October Assessing Student Learning in the Online Classroom Michael Barbour Asynchronous Seminar
2002 4-17 March Synchronous CMC for Faculty Transition to E-Learning Michael Power Asynchronous Seminar
2002 18 March-7 April Course Reader: Bringing the Best Educational Opportunities to Everyone, Everywhere   Asynchronous Seminar
2002 8-21 April eTrainerCB Instructional Design and Production Tool Lukas Klose, Shevy Levy, Lucio Teles Asynchronous Seminar
2002 27 November-31 January Practical Applications of Data Mining Osmar Zaiane Asynchronous Seminar
2001 19-25 November  TeleTools and Needs Exchange Michelle Daly, Shawna Reibling Asynchronous Seminar
2001 10 January-2 February Online Learning Consortia Paul Bacsich, Joanne Curry, Alan Davis Asynchronous Seminar
2001 12-26 November Metadata for Learning Objects Rory McGreal, Toni Roberts Asynchronous Seminar
2001 12-19 November Practical Web Tools for Educators Sue Roseman Asynchronous Seminar
2001 1 March-31 May TeleLearning Open Source Initiatives Marc Belanger, Tom Calvert, Linda Harasim, Max Luk, Cindy Xin Asynchronous Seminar
2001 19 March-8 April Support for Students with Disabilities Jennison Asuncion, Catherine Fichten Asynchronous Seminar
2001 23 April-6 May 4th D Crossing: Virtual Communities of Educational Practice (CEPs)

Susanne Nyrop


Asynchronous Seminar
2001 13 May-3 June All Kinds of Questions Linda Harasim Asynchronous Seminar
2001 1-30 June Tools and Needs John Nesbit, Rick Rupp Asynchronous Seminar
2001  4-24 June  GEN/TAPPED IN Part II   Paul Mayes Asynchronous Seminar
2001 5-25 July  Success in Online Learning Communities   Asynchronous Seminar
2001 20 August-9 September  GEN Reflections and Next Steps   Asynchronous Seminar
2001 5-24 February  Open Source for Educational Software Frances Long, Claudio Orea, Griff Richards, Bruno Vernier Asynchronous Seminar
2001 1-15 March  Support for Faculty Vivian Rossner-Merrill, Denise Stockley Asynchronous Seminar
2001 10-23 September  The Potential of Learning Objects David Wiley Asynchronous Seminar
2001 24-30 September  Community of Inquiry Series: Critical Thinking Randy Garrison Asynchronous Seminar
2001 1-7 October  Community of Inquiry Series: Content Analysis Liam Rourke Asynchronous Seminar
2001 8-14 October  Community of Inquiry Series: Text-based Learning  Walter Archer Asynchronous Seminar
2001 15-25 October  Community of Inquiry Series: Teaching Presence  Terry Anderson Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Supporting Students Online Linda Gibson, Rick Nigol, Steve Scadding Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Roles Professors Play Tracy Roberts, Lucio Teles Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Time Management: A Collective Guide for Online Instructors Therese Laferriere Asynchronous Seminar
2000   HTML for Educators Kate Britt Asynchronous Seminar
2000   ThoughtShare: Visual Thinking Space John Dill, Brian Fisher Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Course Design Exchange Jennifer Lieberman, Stanley Shapiro Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Experiences on the Web Curtis Bonk Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Understanding Online Participation Cindy Xin Asynchronous Seminar
2000   GEN Reflections and Next Steps   Asynchronous Seminar
2000   Teaching to Learn Walter Greyvenstein, Deborah Kerr, Frances Long, Claudio Orea Asynchronous Seminar
1999    The Use of Cases in the Online Classroom Jean Gunderson Asynchronous Seminar
1999    Conferences and Time Management Therese Laferriere Asynchronous Seminar
1999   The Virtual Professor Linda Harasim Asynchronous Seminar



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